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Releasing Potential, Starting with the Student

We WeWe want to bridge the gap between students and tutors, meeting you where you're at, and figuring out the necessary steps that need to be taken to unlock your potential. 

Meet Our Tutors


ATAR 99.05

Further (50), Methods (40), Biology (45)

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ATAR 93.15

Texts & Traditions (41)

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ATAR 99.70

Methods (45), Specialist Maths (45), Physics (43)

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ATAR 95.65

Chemistry (45)

About Bridge

Our Values

Achieving | Relating | Empowering

We want to help you reach your highest potential by pairing you with an excellent and personable tutor who desires one thing: to offer you a meaningful learning experience.

All our tutors are high-achievers in their respective subjects, and vary their teaching techniques depending on the needs of the student. But don’t take our word for it—try us out today and see how we can help you excel even beyond the classroom.

Our Story

This business idea emerged because of a passion for tutoring and the meaningful relationships that are created because of tutoring. With many academically competent past students who have graduated and now want to give back, we hope to create a space for students to learn through genuine relationships. For us, we believe that an improvement in grades lead to growth in character and teach habits that set students up for life beyond school. 


Our tutors offer multiple options. These include local libraries, homes, and zoom (online). Please contact us to find out what may work best

"If you can overcome the temptation to be lazy and procrastinate during school then you're setting yourself up to do well in University or Work." - Jeremy Choo

Running Students

Tutoring with a Mission

Every session that you have with us will help other children thrive and succeed who face barriers in receiving education. Each time you book with us we will donate 5% of the amount to World Vision's work in helping vulnerable children find an education. 

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